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*~! Full Cycle Biorhythm Plus

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Throughout our lives we go through several phases. * We are born. ~ We live. ! We die.
These things we know, with certainty. What happens after is a matter of faith.The goal of this application is to deal with these known phases. The Full Cycle of Life.
* Our birth date affects many aspects of our personality. Some of these interpretations are revealed within.~ During our life, energy fluctuates. These variations are charted for you.! Death will come. You can help or hinder the arrival. Some known influences are exposed here.
This is the cycle; The Full Cycle of Life. *~! Full Cycle
Three tabs display: * Birth ~ Life ~ Death !
* Birth *Date of Birth information, relating to: • Interesting facts about the day and month of Birth. • Personality and compatibility based on Western Astrology and Chinese Zodiac.
~ Life ~Your current Biorhythm is calculated and displayed.
Biorhythms are based on three fundamental cycles: • Physical :: based on a cycle of 23 days. • Emotional :: based on a cycle of 28 days. • Intellectual :: based on a cycle of 33 days.
A detailed analysis is provided for the current day. An overview of key dates is given for the upcoming month.
! Death !Your basic life expectancy is calculated based on where you live. Statistics are available for 246 countrys.
Questions about your lifestyle will estimate your potential date of death.
Included is a full function Body Mass Index calculator (Support for metric and Imperial measurements).
ADDITIONAL FEATURES:Several features are included to enhance your experience:
SAVE DATES:Save multiple Birth Dates for friends and family.
Entries can be removed, in case someone falls out of favor.
LANGUAGE SUPPORT:Eight languages are included:
• German [Deutsch] • English [English] • Spanish [Español] • French [Français] • Italian [Italiano] • Dutch [Nederlands] • Portuguese [Português] • Russian [Русско]
Language can be changed from the menu.
ZOOM [menu option]:Text size can be increased or decreased to provide a better view.
DEVICE SUPPORT:Optimized for use on older devices (Android 2.1+), as well as the latest tablets.
*~! Full Cycle created by Smaller Pill •
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS:Translations by Google Translate •
Graphs generated by AChartEngine •
DISCLAIMER:This application was created for the sole purpose of entertainment.